Artist Alley Application

The Artist Alley is an opportunity for artists to market their skills and art to our attendees. Our policies and rates reflect this and are fair to the artists. Please understand that this event is growing in popularity and space has become limited. Please respect our department heads decisions and follow their instructions, as they have to follow certain restrictions set by the convention.

Table Request Instructions:

  1. You get ONE (1) free Badge with your table.
  2. Each additional person must also pre-register for the convention
  3. Individual Registrations are non-refundable, even in the event you are not approved for a table! If you aren’t approved for a table and do not wish to attend, you may choose to roll it over to the next convention year . No Refunds, No Exceptions!
  4. Fill out the Artist Alley Application below and double check your information.
  5. Submit the application
  6. Keep a print out for your own records
  7. The Exhibit Hall Department will contact you by email about whether to make payment or if you are on the waiting list.
  8. Expect an email from the Exhibit Hall Department by December 1st on table Availability.

Artist Alley Application

Application Status: Closed until summer 2016

8 thoughts on “Artist Alley Application

  1. What do you consider a business website? I don’t have a site where I sell prints yet because I’m just starting up but I have an instagram page where I post artwork.

    1. Enter the url to your instagram fir this section. It’s more of, “where do I go to look at your stuff that you want to sell?”

  2. I filled out the form for the artist alley well over 2 months ago and never got a follow-up one way or the other, and now the registration is closed. What am I suppose to do/assume. This is really unprofessional.

    1. our artist alley department head has closed the application due to the deadline to apply being reached. They will be contacting artists to let them know if they got a table. As we had stated on the page, you will be contacted only if you’ve been accepted or put on the wait list. Honest opinion? You’re probably on the wait list, but as we’re waiting for a few artists to make payments for their tables, you haven’t been contacted yet in case you get moved from the wait list to the approved artists. Hope this answers your question.

      1. I wasn’t notified as well. I submitted my form way before the deadline was even near. So is it safe to assume that if you haven’t contacted an artist, they aren’t not considered for the table at all? It’s less than a month before the con and I’m not sure what my position is. If I was rejected, I feel like it would be best to at least notify artists that they were not considered. As stated in the above post:”Expect an email from the Exhibit Hall Department by December 1st on table Availability.” and I have yet to receive any information about tables. I really would like to hear from someone soon.

        1. I’ll make sure the artist alley department head sends out an email to all applicants to re remind them of their standing for 2016

  3. Dear Anime Apocalypse staff,

    I know this is incredibly last minute, I didn’t hear about this con until recently so forgive my tardiness.

    Is there any way we’d be able to still apply for the Artist Alley? Are there any open spots left?

    I believe this is my best bet for contacting you guys, because I couldn’t exactly find a ‘contact us’ section on the sight. I’d like to know because I’m in the process of booking a room, and I’d be more inclined to attend the con that I have a table at .

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