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  1. I was wondering, what day out of the three dates of the con is the cosplay contest? Do you need tickets to watch the contest?

    1. you just need a badge to watch the cosplay contest, no additional tickets are required. the contest is currently slated for early saturday evening.

  2. Yet again with another question, sorry this is my first con. Can you purchase single days during preregistration or do you purchase single days at the door? Also, is there a certain day in which people cosplay? I have heard that usually people only cosplay on certain days and I do not want to be the only one.

    1. you can only purchase weekend badges through preregistration. you must purchase a day badge at the door for the daily rate of the day you wish to attend. the online preregistration is by far the better deal.

  3. How much is it to buy a badge at the door for each day in cash? My father is the one paying my way to the con, so he would like to know. He wants very specific info. If you could tell me that would be great. Thank you for responding to my questions, I greatly appreciate it.

    1. Yes they do. We have been very fortunate that many of our attendees are very enthusiastic about their cosplay in and out of the contest

        1. Over the years our cosplay attendees have been known to cosplay on all days of the weekend, usually so they can sport multiple cosplays. However, We do see an increase in cosplay attendees on saturday which one can only assume is due to the cosplay contest being held on saturday.

  4. This is about the cosplay contest. Earlier you responded to one of my questions, and said that the cosplay contest was slated for early Saturday evening. I read on the registration page that the con runs from 9-5 each day. So what exactly is the time of the contest?

    1. the 9-5 time is simply for the registration booth. the con runs 24hrs a day. we don’t have an official time slated for the contest yet.

  5. if I want a weekend pass do I have to pregegister or can I ay at door? I need to know for a friend who has no card and how much would it be for the whole weekend at the door?

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