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Anime Apocalypse has a lot to offer as far as panel programming is considered. Many of our panels are even created and run by your own fellow attendees. Topics can run anywhere from talking about a favorite show to competing in wacky contests made up by the panelists and their audience. There is a panel that’s just right for everyone, you just have to show up and enjoy!!

Want to run a panel? Then we’d love for you to fill out our Panel Submission Form!!

8 thoughts on “Panel Programming

  1. I was wondering if Christopher Sabat was attending anime apocalypse 2016, and that if he was if he was running any panels. If he is could you please tell me what day they are and if I need to purchase tickets to attend?

    1. chris sabat is attending and he will be giving panels as well as our other guests. they will be spreadout across all three days and you only need a badge to gain access. no additional tickets are required to see any events within our convention.

  2. I had submitted a panel form back in September. When will we be notified if ours is selected? I need to know for hotel registration dates.

      1. Thanks. Also, after submitting the form, I never got any confirmation email that the submission went through. Could you check that there was a submission from Kyle Friedrich about Vocaloids?

  3. Will you guys be having Karaoke? If not, my friend has done Karaoke before and has a pretty sweet set up which includes song data base, sound system, ect. I will let him know if you guys are needing this or not.

    Also I just submitted two panels, Cosplay Frequently Asked Questions and The Vocaloid Panel. How long until I would know if they were accepted or not?

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